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General Properties

Sterling silver is an alloy consisting of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals, usually copper.

Most silver jewellery is made using sterling silver because pure silver is too soft and needs a stronger metal like copper to preserve its ductility (Capable of sustaining large plastic deformations without fracture).

All silver in out items are guaranteed to be Sterling silver, unless stated.


Most sterling silver jewellery will be stamped by wither STER or .925 to designate that the piece is sterling silver.

Some pieces may not be stamped, this does not mean the piece is not sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Care

The natural tendency for Sterling silver that is alloyed with copper is to tarnish after exposure to Oxygen.

This is normal and is expected from Sterling silver.

There are various silver cleaners and polishing cloth on the market that can remove tarnish from Sterling Silver.

Rhodium Finished

There are many occasions where sterling silver may be plated by Rhodium, which is a highly desirable metal more valuable than platinum.

This process gives the piece a very high polished shine that actually gives the jewellery the appearance of white gold or platinum and also prevents the piece from tarnishing. It is highly suggested that you do NOT use silver cleaners or polishing cloths to clean silver jewellery that has been plated with Rhodium.

This is because the clear will remove the Rhodium and leave behind unpolished silver which may be undesirable in appearance.

Silver Origins

The Sterling silver jewellery that we carry is made in different countries.

Most of our chains are imported from Italy where they simply produce the highest quality jewellery.

Most of our charm are from U.S. (beautifully oxidized and details pieces).

Most of our Pendants are produced in Thailand (Highly detailed Pieces).

We also have jewellery from Indonesia and India.

We take pride in carrying high quality desirable and we believe it shows once you order from us.